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Carport Builders Adelaide

A carport made of metal

Carports Adelaide Pro are expert in the construction of carports and other similar structures. The company has been serving the local community for many years now, providing high-quality carports that are functional and long-lasting. Whether you need a freestanding or an attached structure, Carports Adelaide Pro has it all.
With years of experience under our belt, we are aware that our clients want quality services at affordable prices. That is why we give you the opportunity to avail attractive discounts on selected packages. You can get your desired carport within your preferred size and design or structure without putting too much strain on your pocket!
You are sure to get nothing but the best bargain deals with complete peace of mind with us. So if you are wondering how to install a carport by yourself or looking for experienced professionals who can build it for you, Carports Adelaide Pro should be your number one.


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    Types of Carports

    We have a wide range of carport designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your home. The different types of carports are:
    • Rolla carports – For an affordable option that is still sturdy and strong, choose rolla carports. These are affordable to buy and easy to set up. They also come in a number of colours to suit your style.
    • Side lean-to carports – We can help you find the perfect side lean-to designs for whatever space you have available on your property, whether it’s slim or wide. This type of structure is very strong and comes with plenty of doors (manual or automatic) and windows (fixed or opening) options. You’ll get great protection from all-weather types with these structures.

    Our Services at Carports Adelaide Pro

    Apart from making carports, at Carports Adelaide Pro, we also make other outdoor decks and shade sails in Adelaide. Our services include:
    • Custom built-in outdoor entertainment areas
    Pergolas for patios and porches
    • Gable, hip and butterfly roofs
    • Outdoor rooms (with or without sides)
    • Sunrooms (fully glazed with retracting roofs)
    The fact is that many homeowners have no idea how to choose the right outdoor deck or structure for their home, which can be frustrating when dealing with contractors who might not understand what you want or don’t know how to help you find solutions. Luckily for anyone in this situation, our professionals at Carports Adelaide Pro have been designing and building sturdy structures for a very long time. We have the knowledge, expertise and skills needed to help homeowners get what they want at a price that makes sense.

    Materials used in Making Carports

    Most carports are made from steel, but we also use aluminium and polycarbonate for these structures. Aluminium is an alloy of light metals like magnesium and chromium that’s easy to form. It’s used in making carports because it combines strength with longevity; this material won’t corrode when exposed to the elements.
    On the other hand, polycarbonate comes in sheets that can be used in making windows and doors for your structure.

    A Carport Versus a Garage

    A carport varies from a garage in that it is not designed for sustained, enclosed storage space. A garage offers protection against the elements by nature of its design; it’s an integral part of the house and the foundation itself. Carports are freestanding structures that can be installed on almost any property regardless of land conditions or proximity to homes and buildings. It is built with open sides (or sometimes half walls) that allow airflow for ventilation, making them ideal for temperature control.

    Carport Styles

    As mentioned earlier, carports come in many styles that suit most types of properties, including residential dwellings, farmhouses, townhouses, flats and units, commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial. You can choose between a single-car structure to multi-car garages. In addition to this, you can also opt for styles such as rectangular, octagonal and gabled. That said, it is important to note that the style of your carport largely depends on the purpose for which it has been built.

    An open carport

    The Carport Installation Process

    After choosing the ideal carport for you, the next step is to set it up. This can be done quickly and easily by hiring one of our professionals. We will come to your home in Adelaide, measure the area where you want your carport installed and deliver it on time. Then, all you have to do is sit back, put your feet up and relax until you see us finish the installation process. Our team are dedicated to helping our clients make their dreams become a reality – if you don’t believe us when we say this, just ask around!

    Closed carports

    Types of Carports

    There are three basic types of carports, namely: enclosed, semi-enclosed and fully open. Enclosed models offer protection against all elements, including heavy rains and strong winds, while offering limited ventilation security at night or during cold weather conditions. Semi-enclosed designs allow limited ventilation but protect against rainwater penetration better than open models. Open styles come with no protection and should be built only when suitable weather conditions.

    An open carport

    The Carport Installation Process

    As any car owner knows, carports are a great way to keep your vehicle safe from the elements. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is – you’ll always need to find a covered spot where you can park your car. Apart from this, our structures also have many other uses! You can use them as storage sheds, children’s play or workshops. The only limit is your imagination!

    A metal carport
    A carport attached to a house
    An open commercial carport
    An open carport

    A Carport Roofing

    The roofing of a carport is very important because it serves two purposes. It protects the car from the rain and other weather conditions, but it also provides a home to many living things during cold or wet times.
    With steel framed carports, you have the option of choosing between three different roof types:
    Aluminium Roofing – Just like your house, this type of roof reflects heat making the area cooler in hot Australian summers and warmer on cold winter days. Also, aluminium roofs are rust-resistant and can last up to 14 years without having to be replaced.
    Steel Roofing – This roof type is similar to an aluminium one because it doesn’t rust or fade over time, but it’s cheaper than its counterpart and requires less maintenance.

    Frequently Asked Questions at Carports Adelaide Pro

    Is it possible to have a carport that can also double as a garage?

    Yes, we have multiple options for garages. Our standard option is the Jumbo Premier which has the capacity of three cars, plus enough room for you to work on your car as well. The Jumbo Plus has been designed with those who love DIY in mind and have two floors that each have enough space to fit an entire family’s worth of vehicles inside. If you want a premium product, look no further than our Signature range – these custom-built structures come with a full-height door and a mezzanine floor/storage area inside! This is ideal if you want to store bulky items or even to store a caravan, boat or trailer inside.

    What is included in the price of my carport?

    We deliver your carport with everything you need to get started except for paint and/or roofing tiles. Each component has been sized to fit specific areas on-site, which saves you time! Your package will typically contain all of these components (not always in this order): foundation beams, purlins (roof supports), floor joists (for garages), cladding sheets, guttering, + downpipes, screws – anything else needed to assemble the structure comes with the manual. Unfortunately, we cannot sell any parts of our carports separately due to our warranty, but all sales are subject to individual negotiations.

    What material is best for building my carport?

    Whether you’re after strength, cost or visual appeal, when choosing material to build your carport, there are several factors to consider. We offer three main types of materials for our carports – steel, colourbond iron or aluminium. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before building your structure.
    Q: How long does it take to build a carport?

    How long does it take to build a carport?

    Normally, it takes between 3-5 weeks to build a carport from confirmation of order to delivery. The actual time taken will depend on the number of staff available as well as your location.

    What is the difference between a single drive-through and a double drive-through?

    There is only one major difference – a double drive can fit two cars next to each other whereas a single drive can only fit one car at a time, but there are several minor differences such as prices, building time, and access space required that should be carefully considered before buying.

    Why Choose Carports Adelaide Pro?

    At Carports Adelaide Pro, we provide top-notch services for clients in Adelaide. We are your ultimate one-stop store for all things pertaining to carports. Our tremendous experience, expertise and knowledge are second to none. We have been best known for offering the most innovative designs that value money.

    Our team of experienced professionals consistently strive to provide quality services with no hassles involved at any time during the process of buying a carport, be it design consultation or after-sale services. With our professional advice, you can rest assured that choosing our products will never go wrong! You can rely on us 100%.

    Our products are also made from high-quality raw materials, assuring durability. We offer a wide range of carports for sale in Adelaide to suit individual needs and purposes.


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