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Pergolas Adelaide

Carports Adelaide Pro installs high-quality pergolas and other outdoor living structures in the Adelaide area.
Pergolas are an excellent way to add value and enjoyment to your home and provide a great outdoor entertaining space.
Carports Adelaide Pro can design and build a pergola to suit your specific needs and budget, whether it’s a freestanding structure or attached to your home.
We use high-quality materials and construction methods to ensure your pergola will stand the test of time and weather conditions.
Contact Carports Adelaide Pro today for a free quote if you’re looking for a pergola builder in Adelaide.


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    Types of patios

    Patios can be of different types depending on their shape, size, and location. The most common types of patios are:

    • Rectangular patios: These are the most popular type of patio as they can be easily built to any size or shape. You can also use them to create different areas in your garden.
    • Square patios: Square patios are a great option if you want to create a symmetrical look in your garden. They are also easy to build and maintain.
    • Round patios: Round patios are perfect for small gardens as they take up less space. They are also very stylish and can add a touch of elegance to your home.

    How to choose the right pergola for your home

    When deciding on the pergola that’s right for your home, there are a few things to consider:
    Size – How large do you want the pergola to be? It should be proportional to the size of the area it will occupy.
    Location – Where will the pergola be located? It’s important to consider sun and shade patterns when choosing a location.
    Material – What material do you want the pergola to be made from? Timber is a popular choice for its natural look, but aluminium is a low-maintenance option.
    Budget – How much are you willing to spend on the pergola? This will help narrow down your options.

    Wooden pergolas

    Materials used in making pergolas

    Pergolas can be made from different types of materials, including timber, metal, vinyl and fibreglass. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.
    Timber is a natural material that can be stained or painted to match your home’s décor. It’s also a good insulator, which means it can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. However, timber is susceptible to weathering and needs to be treated periodically with a waterproof sealant.
    Metal is a durable material that doesn’t rot or decay. It comes in different colours and styles, so you can find one that will match your home’s look. However, metal can be expensive, and it can get hot in summer sun.
    Vinyl is a cheap option for making pergolas. It doesn’t rot or decay, and it’s easy to clean. Vinyl is also available in different colours and styles. However, it can fade in the sun, and it’s not as durable as metal or timber.

    Metal pergola

    Types of Pergolas

    There are different types of pergolas that we install at Carports Adelaide Pro:
    Attached pergolas are attached to the side of your house. They’re a good option if you want to extend your living space or create an outdoor dining area.
    Freestanding pergolas are not attached to your house. They can be placed anywhere in your yard, and they’re a good option if you want to create a private retreat.
    Arched pergolas have curved rafters, and they’re a good option if you want to add some character to your outdoor space.
    Retractable pergolas have roofs that can be opened and closed. Depending on the weather, they’re a good option if you want to enjoy the sun or shade.

    Wooden pergola

    Uses of pergolas

    Pergolas are beneficial in many ways. They can be used to:
    -Create shade from the sun
    -Provide shelter from rain or wind
    -Act as a frame for climbing plants
    -Create an outdoor living space
    -Add value to your home

    Why Choose Us?

    Carports Adelaide Pro is the team to trust when it comes to pergolas and other outdoor structures. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry and can custom-design a pergola that meets your specific needs and budget.

    We use high-quality materials and construction methods, so you can be sure that your pergola will withstand the elements and last for many years to come.

    Our team is also passionate about customer service, so you can expect nothing but the best when you work with us.

    Contact Carports Adelaide Pro today if you’re ready to transform your outdoor space. We offer free quotes on all our services, so you have nothing to lose!


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